Fitness Box Set

Fitness Box Set
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Now, for the first time ever, and only for a limited time, you can get this value-priced, limited edition boxed set.
Fitness Box Set includes two bestselling books from My Ebook Publishing House:

Book #1
Fitness & Exercise
Do the saddlebags on your legs make you insane? Do you loathe wearing shorts because of saggy knees or flabby thighs? Have you avoided skinny jeans like the plague? Or do you just want to go from good shape to great shape? Well no matter what point you are starting out from, if you want to get your body in sick, crazy, amazing shape, Fitness & Exercise promises to deliver with fat-blasting booty sculpting workouts that will get you results fast!
A total body workout from Sheila Leight. Get a tight, toned and elegant body with this book! Sculpt sleek and strong legs, arms, butt, abs and upper body. 
This fitness book consists of full body workouts with detailed steps of each and every exercise. Build muscles that help burn calories all day long. There are both beginning and advanced exercisers, so there's no excuse not to jump in.
If you want to begin an exercise routine and don’t know where to start, or if you’ve been working out for a while and aren’t getting the results you want, this book has the tips you need to reach your fitness goals – fast! With easy-to-understand explanations and concrete examples, Sheila provides the inspiration and motivation for super-charging your workout including:Recreational Workout, Workout for preventing and fighting obesity, The workout as a way to delay the aging process, Exercises for the arms, Exercises for the head and neck, Breathing exercises, Exercises for the abdomen, Exercises for the spinal column, Exercises for the inferior limbs, Exercises for the back and the torso and many others.
So what are you waiting for? Get started with Fitness & Exercise today to get the rockin booty and ripped thighs you've always wanted!

Book #2
Best Ab Exercises: How to Look and Feel Your Best
Whether your belly is on the soft side or or on the contrary, you'll learn a full range of different exercises, complete with detailed descriptions to ensure clarity and good form, that can challenge anyone, from a pure beginner to an experienced athlete.
A good core workout is absolutely essential. Whether your goal is to look better, get stronger, or just be healthier in general, effective ab exercises need to be a priority. 
So pick up a physical or digital copy of “Best Ab Exercises: How to Look and Feel Your Best” today—you'll learn an abdominal exercise routine you can keep using for the rest of your life.

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